£100k Missiles?

Brimstone missiles, the jewel of the RAF.

Cost: £100,000.

Times Used in Syria: 4

The targets: Cranes and a truck…

The Brimstone missile is ‘the most accurate, precision strike product on the market’, it is one of the RAFs most prized assets, with only Saudi Arabia being the other country to have them in their arsenal.

Having a greater degree of accuracy, especially when aimed at moving targets, as well as having a low risk of collateral damage, these missiles were one of the key arguments as to why the UK should be involved with other countries in air strikes on Syria.

However, so far in the air strikes in Syria they have only been used against a few cranes and trucks, and this to me is not enough justification of dropping £100,000 each time.

I am 100% for using these in the battle to fight ISIS and extremism, however I feel the use of Brimstone Missiles should be reserved for more high profile and ‘rewarding’ targets…



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