A Dark Day For Our NHS

Despite the backlash, the controversy, the strikes, the overwhelming support of the British public, Jeremy Hunt has pressed on and has announced that the Government will impose the new contracts on the Junior Doctors.

In my opinion by simply forcing the contract rather than continuing with negotiations suggests the Health Secretary is lacking in confidence in his own arguments and perhaps shows that he is afraid of the public beginning to see through his incoherent points.

The Junior Doctors contribute massively to our health care system and this needs to be valued and recognised with more significance. The years of training and hard work they go through to look after the people of Britain should not be going unnoticed.  The imposition of a new contract, which has been unanimously fought against will only lead to more strikes and further problems for Jeremy Hunt.

Could this symbolise the beginning of the end for one of the greatest achievements in British Politics; The NHS?


4 thoughts on “A Dark Day For Our NHS

  1. Thing is, how many will resign?
    If loads do leave and strike action escalates, Hunt may lose his job.
    That in itself may kill off the NHS but at least they’ll go down fighting.

    Only If all the protest talk is just B.S. and only a few quit,
    Then their strikes will have achieved nothing and ONCE AGAIN the sheeple would have been whipped back into line .

    The next few days are going to be REALLY interesting.

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  2. Basically the reason hunt is going ahead with the new contracts is because he thinks he is untouchable as he is conservative. The conservatives have a history of ignoring oopular opinion and doing what ever the hell they want

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  3. The end of the NHS is in sight with Mr Hunt and the Tories in charge. Regardless of your political affiliations, we all benefit from the NHS. Cameron and other senior figures should realise the enormity of the opposition and change the Governments approach to this situation.

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