About Me

A little about me!

Im a centre left, sometimes right, fairly liberal, highly opinionated, often misunderstood, first year University Student studying… Economics and Politics (Obviously…!)

We all just want to live in a world which is, FAIR, PEACEFUL, ACCEPTING AND RESPECTFUL, right? And I like to think my views on most issues are just that, well reasoned, and fair.

I love my family and friends, live for football, in fact most sports (except darts- not a sport), food,  am a bit of a self acclaimed thrill seeker (I’ve skydived and bungee jumped!), big believer in charity and giving, love adventures and nature, and like jumping on exciting band wagons.

That’s probably all you need to know!

I wanted to start this blog after numerous conversations with friends and families about various current affairs, which sometimes got a little heated, my opinions often differed when it came to Politics and International Relations, yet I don’t think what I was saying was all bad, in fact I think I was right! So here, I can express my views, and when challenged, hopefully it can lead to a good little debate!


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