The ‘Man in the Pub’ doesn’t like the new alcohol guidelines

20 years on since the last time a full review on alcohol consumption and safe limits was taken, we now have today new guidelines on what is assumed to be safe.

They are tough and restrictive, but are designed to keep the population safe and aware. So what’s the problem?

For years, it has been accepted that alcohol is a cause of cancer and many other potential health issues, so it seems that when new guidelines are recommended they should at least be considered and tried to be adhered to…?

But not Farage. Its a fairly important issue facing a nation which loves booze and over the years has considerably increased its consumption of alcohol. So, it seems a little ignorant for him to come out and openly disregard and joke about the research carried out by the UKs chief medical officers.

Well, I hope people don’t listen to Farage (in most things, and not just about this), and instead at least take time to understand the new recommendations. After all, that’s all they really are, recommendations, and hopefully people will make their own wise(r) decisions when it comes to alcohol.