Political Cry for Attention

Usually when there’s controversy surrounding the republican candidates, its about Donald Trump saying something stupid, or Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio having a petty fight, or Ben Carson being forgotten about- and Jeb Bush, well, just losing.

But this time Jeb Bush has created a twitter storm of which even Trump himself would be proud of. And this is why:

jeb bush

Jeb Bush, has a relatively low twitter profile, however after tweeting this picture of a gun with his name engraved with the caption ‘America.’, the notifications on his phone went through the roof. This tweet got him nearly 40,000 re-tweets or likes, to put that into perspective his previous tweet got 400.

The second amendment of the US constitution is hugely divisive across, not just the USA but world over. Stricter gun laws were rightly introduced by Barack Obama, but with strong opposition from Republicans. Nearly 14,000 people died in 2015 from shootings. The tweet, in my opinion, is hugely distasteful and an insult to all those who have lost their lives to gun violence. And I wasn’t the only one to react that way. Thousands responded angrily including Edward Snowden and Piers Morgan.

But the reality of the tweet is that it is a huge political cry for attention. Currently 4th in the South Carolina polls, he really needed to grab the attention of as many republican voters as possible, and unfortunately this tweet in many ways was the best way to do it. Whether or not it will help him, only time will tell.

But he certainly needs it, especially after this:


America and their Guns

Being born and raised in the UK, it’s a little strange to see such a different attitude to gun ownership and usage elsewhere across the world, particularly in the USA.

To me, and to many other Britons it seems so ridiculous how a country, claimed to be so great as, America, can’t control and protect their population from gun violence.

Surely just by using the UK as an example, where even most of the police force is unarmed, it can be seen how many lives are being saved by not allowing firearms to be so widely available.

Why is it so difficult for measures to be taken in the USA to simply just have background checks on people who buy guns?

Maybe, I just don’t understand and have misunderstood the great nations Second Amendment.

‘How many deaths will it take ’til we know too many people have died?’