IS Has Bombs, NK Has Bigger Bombs

Yesterday, ‘Footage Exclusively obtained by Sky News’ depict the potential and capabilities that IS has in terms of armed weaponry and extremist attacks. With a so-called ‘Jihadi University’ training jihadists on how to carry out ‘professional’ and ‘sophisticated’ attacks on the west. And scientists and experts who have the ability to develop and create weapons and missiles, like no other terrorist group before them has been able to.

And today, it has been claimed by North Korea that they have managed to successfully trial a Hydrogen bomb, a bomb with a potential strength 5000 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. If these claims are true then this could be one of the most defining, and significant moments in the nuclear development programme of the state, and perhaps across the world. It would put North Korea amongst the most advanced nuclear states. It must, however, be noted that these are claims from a state known for its empty rhetoric.

These two news stories which have surfaced over the last two days pose a potentially significant threat to populations across the world. These are two very different, yet very real developments in international affairs.