Extra Armed Officers to Tackle Terror

The Metropolitan police recently announced that the number of armed officers in London will be doubled. Before I carry on, it has to be said that we, as a country, should take pride in that the majority of police officers are not armed and are able to tackle crime without violence or harming any one. But, to tackle extremist threats, I whole heartedly believe that this is the right thing to do.

Scotland Yard revealed that there would be an extra 600 armed police in London, so that if an attack similar to Paris in November was to happen the force could effectively and quickly respond. After 130 innocent lives were taken away in the attacks on the French capital it seems an incredibly important measure to take to ensure the safety of citizens in London.

To introduce this, it will cost around £25 million, but will be made available through the existing Metropolitan police budget of £3.2 billion.

But, I feel that increasing armed offices should not be restricted to just in London. The threat of terrorism is being faced across many large cities in the UK and extra support and protection should be made available in those areas as well.

With the threat of violence at a high, it should be paramount that measures are taken to protect us citizens of the UK. And yes, through arming some of our police officers is one way to do this.

93% of the Met Police will still remain unarmed.