Labours’ Lack of Direction and Cohesiveness

A fourth shadow cabinet minister resigned today, and similarly to the previous three to have resigned, Catherine McKinney, has also cited a lack of direction and, I guess what seems a lack of labour ‘cohesiveness’.

Its another devastating blow for Jeremy Corbyn, a man now under huge pressure to start showing a true sense of leadership and begin to start giving back on the promise of a ‘new politics’, something which he so heavily championed to help him gain leadership of the Labour Party.

But even more importantly for Corbyn, is that he needs to cement together the deepening cracks that are appearing within the Labour Party. Anger over the sacking of Pat McFadden, which prompted the resignation of three other ministers, is further evidence of the worrying times that could be ahead for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

This has played well to the ears of David Cameron and the Conservative Party. Not only will the lack of unity in the labour camp and the falling support for Jeremy Corbyn please him, but the reshuffle and the fall out from it has made a nice little distraction from the real problems that are facing the UK and Globally in terms of Politics.

Floods. Junior doctors to go on strike for the first time in 40 years. Britain’s supposed support for the justice system in Saudi Arabia. ISIS. And many more, these are the issues that should be at the focus, but as a result of the problems of the Labour Party, they are sadly not being discussed or as heavily acknowledged as they should be.

One day, hopefully in the near future, Labour will at least become a more unified and stronger opposition and we can focus on the things that really should matter in our world of Politics.